Where Are You Running?

The story goes that the way that lions hunt illustrates the way we tend to engage with fear. 

The older and weaker lions go off and settle across from where the strong and hungry lions are waiting in the tall grass out of sight. They roar loudly with all their might. As the prey rushes away, they run right to the strongest lions.

"Run towards the roar," the old people used to tell the young ones.

Mike Haarlander takes on life with an attitude of running right toward the fear and this podcast will have you examine your relationship to fear. 

Meet Mike Haarlander

Mike Haarlander has his own 'Rudy' story. When he didn't have the grades to get into The University of Notre Dame right out of high school he persisted and went to Holy Cross College across the street. There, he worked hard to make the Dean's List and gain acceptance and graduate from his dream school, UND. He continued to achieve his educational dreams by earning his MBA in 2020.

With over 20 years of experience in Sales, Sales Leadership, and Entrepreneurship, he has generated outrageous results while caring for his client's best interests.

After successfully starting several businesses his endeavors have produced many wins and many lessons. Those lessons are invaluable and it is Mike’s passion to share and support others in avoiding costly mistakes.

He loves running and has completed three marathons and is currently training for a triathlon.