Where Are You Running?

The story goes that the way that lions hunt illustrates the way we tend to engage with fear. 

The older and weaker lions go off and settle across from where the strong and hungry lions are waiting in the tall grass out of sight. They roar loudly with all their might. As the prey rushes away, they run right to the strongest lions.

"Run towards the roar," the old people used to tell the young ones.

Mike Haarlander takes on life with an attitude of running right toward the fear and this podcast will have you examine your relationship to fear. 

Meet Mike Haarlander

When it comes to accomplishing unreasonable results, Mike is like a dog on a pant leg. Since realizing his childhood dream of graduating from the University of Notre Dame, the relentless pursuit of achievement was instilled, ensuring success in anything he takes on.
Whether dominating sales quotas, starting and selling businesses, getting an MBA over 40, or completing marathons, Mike applies this tenacity to all facets of life. Masterful at heading into fear, he lives by a run-to-the-roar tenet. When faced with the challenges of the pandemic, Mike uniquely pivoted and took his family on an epic nine-month, 48-state RV trip. Shortly thereafter, they moved to a canal house in the heart of Amsterdam to begin another adventure.
Currently, the entrepreneur, podcast host, and keynote speaker helps others push past their comfort zones to take the next big step toward their ambitions. His vulnerability and willingness to share his mistakes allow others to see themselves in their journey. Mike's no-nonsense style is equally energetic and fun-loving, leaving an imprint on how one views life. Audiences are captivated by his candid storytelling and inspired to pursue their wildest dreams revealing the obstacles before them.