Professional artisans arming you with the tools to deliver impactful results. 

Whether you need a comprehensive analysis, a pain point solution to reach measurable goals or a long-term strategy to dominate the market for years to come, together, we’ll get it done. 

We go through the gauntlet. With you. For you. 


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craftsmen arming you with the tools to deliver impactful results.


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Build with A Guild

All too often, organizations struggle with bridging cohesion between sales and marketing. 

Orion's Guild offers the latest technology, insightful data, and industry expertise to clients throughout the world. From idea to execution to Sales & Marketing and everything in between, we offer cutting-edge solutions combined with best-in-class service to help our clients achieve their objectives.

We're industry leaders in consulting insights, leadership, and guidance, so you have the confidence to make the decisions that drive growth.


All of Our Clients Receive...

Our relentless pursuit of results. We take on each challenge as our own. We go through the gauntlet with you. 

Top-tier talent and expertise. From MBAs to Madison Ave., our team delivers.

Sustainable and replicable tools. We design and execute long-range plans for success.



There are some things we don't know that we don't know about our business. Through our process of Auditing, we explore what is working, what isn't, and what is missing from your organization in order to meet and exceed your goals. 


Through coaching, courses, or strategic planning, we will transform your conversation and relationship to your business, people, and projects. Our process produces a holistic outcome for the organization and the individual. 


With an expertly crafted strategy and plan of implementation, we walk you through from launch to landing. Once finalized, you are prepared to take new heights on your own, with our support if needed. 



"Mike is a master sales consultant. His unparalleled understanding of the sales process from an objective organizational viewpoint is priceless, and his dedication in working with both our in-house and external teams to implement programs he designed to accelerate our growth has been exceptional."   

-Jacqui Neulinger, Chief Operations Officer, AmpCoil